W O R K I N G  P R O C E S S

Budget is the first consideration

In most conversations with potential clients, they usually ask me to describe how we will work together. My work process typically begins with a phone interview where I get an idea of the project, and we see if the project fits into your budget. I believe in agreeing on fees at the beginning. I ask for 50% up front, with the balance at the end or if it’s a long-term project, in mutually agreed-upon installments.

When we begin working together, I prefer to meet in person if possible, at least the first time. But I have completed projects successfully via email exchanges and occasional phone calls. I will prepare an agenda ahead of our conversation. After years of interviews, I have developed a working style of taking copious notes that works for me.

I usually do research to verify information or to expand on it. I find most projects call for fact-checking, not because of deliberate misinformation, but usually forgetfulness or incomplete data. I like to send a draft to my client for review and feedback. I consider my work is done after two rounds of standard revisions.

Written agreement

Our working arrangement will be based on a written agreement, which will have legal value as a contract, to protect both parties. This will include a confidentiality provision, whereby I agree not to give, show, or reproduce any material you give me, unless we agree to consulting services from a third party.

I like to work out a reasonable deadline for completion and a timeline with weekly goals for the progression of the project. In order to succeed, I will carry out the work in a professional manner, and you will provide me with what I need to complete the project according to when I need it.

I offer a guarantee that my clients will be satisfied with my work.


Cori Brett - writer, editor and public speaker

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