Pricing for Writing

Know the scope of the project

The scope of the project determines pricing. To start, I want to know what you are looking for, your timing, and your budget. Then I can quote a fee range or ballpark figure and explain what it includes. If it’s acceptable, I prepare a detailed quote. If it’s a simple project, like an article on a topic I am already familiar with, we may be able to agree on terms over the phone.

My writing projects have included articles for magazines, newspapers and websites, press releases, bios, speeches, press releases, books and book-related writing like forewords and introductions…and many more. I have learned to keep it simple, so I either price by the hour or by a fixed project price. Most clients prefer fixed fee, but there has to be a contingency for additional hours if needed.
My hourly rate is $75.00


Pricing for Editing

A broad range of topics and services

Editing services include structural editing, also known as substantive editing, which often involves rewriting; stylistic editing, for the overall tone; copyediting, looking at grammar, punctuation, wording; and proofreading, which catches basic errors and typos. Fact-checking is usually separate. Structural editing is the most extensive and thus the most expensive; proofreading is the least.

Editing guidelines apply to all projects, even though the topics may vary widely. My editing projects have ranged from a 300-page coffee table book to a TV script, from a travel book on Scotland to a sci-fi novel. Successful editing calls for a clear understanding of the kind of services you are seeking.

Fees can vary

Determining a fee depends on many factors, like the length of the manuscript, level of editing you want, and the deadline. I look at the manuscript to determine how much work your writing needs. This helps me tell how many pages per hour copyediting will take. Copyeditors average one manuscript page in two to five hours, but it may go as fast as eight pages an hour if a manuscript has few problems. Manuscripts with problems slow down an edit and cost you more. It pays to deliver a clean manuscript to your editor.

The formula is roughly hourly rate applied to estimated pages per hour. The industry definition for a page is 250 words. This consists of a one-inch margin, double-spaced, twelve-point-font page. A single-spaced manuscript in a small font may involve more copyediting pages than you realize.

To give you an idea, copyediting rates vary from $40-50 per hour. Proofreading and fact-checking are about the same. Structural editing would be $60-70 per hour. As an example, a 30-page article will cost a minimum of $200 for copyediting.

I generally prefer to charge per hour but have done editing projects for a fixed fee. I am always willing to work with my clients towards the best possible solution for everyone.



Cori Brett - writer, editor and public speaker

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