Look good in print and online!

Professional Editing and Writing Services

Looking good! We all love to hear that. It’s immediately uplifting. I can help you extend that compliment to wherever your name or your company name appears. My clients range from business owners, marketing professionals, writers and authors to financial planners, interior designers, health professionals, fitness trainers, and even a golfing bishop and a Hawaiian healer.

Present Your Business Well

Good copy and well-written content matter for business and business presentations. Clarity is crucial. First I learn about my clients, what they are looking for and the message they seek to deliver. I want to know who their audience is. Years of interviewing a variety of people, both overseas and in the U.S., have made me a quick study. It helps that I am a people person.

 Good copy and content communicate who you are and what you offer

My job is to make you look good so you can do amazing things in your world

My services pertain to anything to do with print and digital coverage. If it has your name on it, it has to be right.  Are your thoughts sometimes disconnected, but you know what you want to say?  Let my editing skills sort it out for you. Finally, practiced proofreading catches what Spell Check missed.



  • Articles
  • Books
  • Advertorials
  • Press releases
  • Speech introductions
  • Book forewords


    • Articles
    • Blogs
    • Bios
    • Web content
    • Award applications


    • Structural
    • Stylistic
    • Copy editing
    • Proofreading
    • Fact checking

“Cori Brett helped to rewrite the introduction to my book. She listened to my story and was able to help me convey why I am so passionate about helping women with financial planning. My message comes through with a clarity that was missing before. The book was named an International Book Awards finalist for 2015.”

Cynthia Fick, author, “The Sisterhood of Money” 

I am passionate about helping people succeed in their business and creative endeavors

Cori Brett

After being an investment real estate broker in San Francisco, I switched gears to a new career:  golf travel writing.  I’ve traveled the globe for 24 years, playing golf and writing about the game and the lifestyle. I wrote a travel blog for five years for the Arizona Women’s Golf Association entitled ”Where in the World is Cori Brett?”.

My interviewing and content creation skills have transferred well to the world of business writing. People open up to me and I’m able to tell their stories so they can be heard. Editing is a natural skill that I love to exercise on any format. I’ve edited web content, as well as a 300-page coffee table book for a private club, a young adult sci-fi novel, a financial planning guide, a TV script and others.

I enjoy public speaking and have made presentations to small and large groups.  I have served as president of writers’ organizations in San Francisco and Scottsdale, Arizona, which is now my home.